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Slang term for a condom
yo nip down the chemist and buy me some jhonnies ya?
by -[NM]-Raziel February 24, 2005
Slang term for Marijunia (weed) commonly used by chavs and sos 'ards
Yo man get your skins out and roll me some wacky backy
by -[NM]-Raziel February 24, 2005
a term given to a homosexual man who perfoms mutual masturbation with his gay parter
ah shut the fuck up you penis puller!
by -[NM]-Raziel February 24, 2005
a term used to insult people

washing up liquid on the end of a mitten used to clean the vagina
ah stfu u clitt mitt
by -[NM]-Raziel February 24, 2005

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