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Quite possibly the hottest female alive. Although her brests are fake, she is very naturally pretty.
Torrie Wilson is amazingly hot!
by -=Sephiroth=- May 26, 2004
The act of a male ejaculating onto a female, then punching her in the nose, making her bleed. The blood will mix and make a light pink color, much like the color of a straberry shortcake.
Oh yeah, I have a fetish for giving girls straberry shortcakes!
by -=Sephiroth=- May 26, 2004
One who consumes the fetus.
Yummy yummy yummy i got baby in my tummy1
by -=Sephiroth=- May 26, 2004
A new smackdown supertar who most likely is going to be the new replacement of the Undertaker when he retires. Smackdown always has a "scary wrestler" that tends to always win.
Mordecai!!! Raise the cross!
by -=Sephiroth=- May 26, 2004
A coffee store that is located on every block.
Man looking out of the window at a starbucks: Hey look, I can see starbucks!
by -=Sephiroth=- May 26, 2004
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