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The act of +repping or +rep, is the term used for boosting other peoples reputation on Xbox Live, by submitting good feedback to your friends. Also Plus-rep is used after somebody has just over excelled, they have gained reputation for their actions (+rep).
Guy Number 1: "Omg, I just headshotted three people and roundhouse kicked on to the groin!"
Guy Number 2: "Plus-Rep for that my friend!"
by -=ky=- February 14, 2007
Caused by a traumatic event or a series of traumatic events leading upto or during social interaction, causing blood clots in the wrist, suicidal tendancies, loss in fashion sense, need to express femanine side too often, a need to voice there emotions using other mediums such as art, music,poems (Which usually have no structure, and have no meaning or purpose) ,or other methods which include dropping into subtle conversation, and by conversing, they can drop hints of their emotional experiances. The blood clotting, explains why emo's find the need to extract of blood from around the wrist area, and find it quite natural to do this themselves, using their moms best kitchenware, *hint. dont eat with a knife at an emo's house, unless it has been steralised*
An example of subtle hint dropping is:

Guy number 1: "Hey John, you will never guess what, my goldfish died to day"
John: "O Thats to bad, kinda like how my will to live died last month...." *awkward silence*
Guy Number 1: "damn your so EMO!"
by -=Ky=- February 13, 2007
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