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(1) Generally a mentally handicapped person, with an IQ rating of below 80. As such used a general insult of intelligence. This can also be used with brief mental impairment resulting from alcohol or drugs.

(2) A female who induces stupification in all males who gaze upon her.

(3) Anything excepional, fantastic, or otherwise so good that it causes a brief period of mental impairment in the participant. e.g.
(1) "Retards ride the short bus, but they seem to like it."
"I got retarded at that party, a bottle of tequila, pot brownies, and a ball of coke!"
"I was roofie-grade retarded after eating all those Valiums last night."
(2) "Did you see that girl? She was so retarded I was drooling on myself!"
"She's too retarded for me, I swear I'd be speaking like a caveman if I managed to get close enough to talk to her."

(3) "His new car is retarded, I'm so jealous."
"That concert was retarded. I couldn't believe my ears."
by -=KrZ=- June 01, 2003

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