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A cross breed between a fajita and a vagina. It is mostly the latter one. The fajita part just makes it tastier.
Danny has a fajina.
by -=AMK=- October 20, 2003
When a female or a very adiopose male swings their torso rapidly, which causes their breasts to behave in a whip-like fashion.
I wish Janiece would boob lash me. ;_;
by -=AMK=- October 23, 2003
To yank ones reproductive organ to the point of climax.
Roland likes to yankerbate because he gets no action from the ladies.
by -=AMK=- October 20, 2003
The term AzNs use to communicate with one another. It can be used as a noun, verb or adjective. It can also be used as insult or compliment. This word is very versatile. It is a magic word that could be used in anyway, as long as it deals with AzNs.
Hung is a peinoy.
by -=AMK=- October 18, 2003

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