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The Pink Death is a combination of The Red Death and white death in one slap.
Yeah so the guy says to me he says "duuuuude... do ya know where the bathroom is at???" and I'm like "noooo dude...." and then he gave me this look... just this really weird look... so I pulled out my handy dandy used blood sponge and my super duper spooge sample in a sandwich bag, dumped them both on my hand and gave his stoned ass The Pink Death in front of the whole crack house.
by Spooji, The Morbid Goldfish February 14, 2006
The Red Death is when you squeeze a used tampon in your hand until the period blood gets all over it, then you bitch slap someone with the blood and all the little pieces of the wall on your hand. one may also do the same with spooge in place of period blood (see white death) if one slaps another with both spooge and period blood on the same hand, it is called a The Pink Death
That snobby bitch was buttering her toast from the edge to the middle like a douche nozzle and kept bitching about how much her period sucks so I pulled the cum dumpster's used blood sponge out of the garbage and gave her the ultimate face in the form of The Red Death. Then when she fainted from the disgustingness I gave her a dirty sanchez, a cleveland steamer, a skull fuck leading up to a red dragonand then I put a funnel in her mouth and dumped that mung I had leftover from last year in it.
by Spooji, The Morbid Goldfish February 14, 2006

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