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A sensuous meaningful part of love making where the female gobbles the male's testicles. All done in the best possible taste.
I paid you fifty quid so get down and lick my pickles. Merci.
Requesting the service of a young lady to syphon the python through oral gratification.
Please excuse me, I just have to pop into the library to send the maid down for some mayonaise.
The homosexuals art of sucking out ejaculate from another males rectum.
If you have shot your junket then you might as well flaunch it back out of my ass.
A rascal of a man who runs down the street banging his penis on dustbin lids.
Have you heard the one about Tub Thumping?
No! well he hasn't been down your way yet.
When someone forgets to pack all the sandwiches for a picnic. Doesn't that really piss you off.
Oh dear Giselle, I'm afraid that we are a few sandwiches short of a picnic, we will just have to manage on caviar and champange.
Male semen ejaculated from the testicles.
I’m terribly sorry, but I seem to have come my junket all over your blue dress.
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