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1. When the man has a control over the relationship.
2.When a female does anything the males says to do
3. Whne the sex is real good
1. My gurl in check, I got her dick- whipped.
2. Damn i don't know why but dis boy got me dick- whipped.
3. The way we have sex makes me fall in love, he got me straight dick- whipped.
by Ms queenbee April 01, 2006
1. When the woman has the control in a relationship
2. When the male waits on hand and foot for his gurl
3. When the make is afraid of his woman
4. The sex is real good when the woman's in control of it
1. Dat's right I got my man pussy- whipped in no time.
2. Man, I'm so pussy-whipped that i'm going broke.
3. Friend: "Aye dawg you wanna go to da strip tonight?"
Man: "Naw i gotta be home with Queen by ten."
Friend: "Man......She got you pussy-whipped dawg."
4. At night I make sure i got my man pussy-whipped to the point he says my name.
by Ms queenbee April 01, 2006

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