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1 definition by ha hahahahahahaha

Here's the real definition:
Someone who listens to or will listen to "ANY" metal at all regardless of how lame , gay or shitty it is , how sucky it is , how posery it is , how bad it sounds , how attrocious or horrid or retarded or gay the singing or vocals is , or how bad its message is or how pointless and stupid the lyrics are.If you find any of these people's taste in music suspect they will just claim that you don't know metal or that you just don't understand it because you are mainstream and therefore you don't understand how underground it is.A metalhead is afraid to call any metal bad.In their eyes every metal band that has ever existed is good.That's why you will find most listening to shit music like GnR , Motley Crue , Iron Maiden , Mercyful Fate , Slipknot or Lamb of God unashamedly rather than admit that they suck.
a metalhead has bad taste
by ha hahahahahahaha September 08, 2006
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