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That other defintion minces words too much.They aren't funk either you faggot.B-52's simply suck and are the typical kind of shit that was found on mtv all throughout the horrid 80's.They are new waver queers.Like all new waver queers they suck butt.This is why mtv has always sucked and will always suck.Well also because mtv also played that gay faggy ass hair metal crap which was made by a bunch of androgynous L.A. queens who were influenced by bullshit like Iron Maiden.These same fags would probably today be a bunch of scene emos.
B-52's suck the ass , literally.
by BURP! September 10, 2006
Faith No More sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They have the typically crappy vocals that marks all forms of modern music.As well as the pointless meaningless lyrics and songs.
These fucks are over fucking rated one hit wonders at best and they shouldn't even be that.Faith No More sucks just like Quiet Riot and about a trillion other bands.
by BURP! September 10, 2006

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