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Wilton is the biggest waste of Fairfield County land mass in Connecticut. A mix of new and some old money, kids grow up thinking that the world revolves around them. Wilton is a bubble that has THE most USELESS stores possible: GAP, Chicos, etc. The movie theatre and Starbucks have only been there for about 4 years. Come people - who really needs 2 grocery stores: Village Market (for pretentious Wiltonians who rather pay more for their Bisquik at some snooty "market" where you'll find some of the very few high schoolers who actually work) and Stop & Shop. Come hang out in "The Center" - everything closes at 9:30...except Coldstone- don't get too excited. J.Crew and Abercrombie rule. There are more Coach bags in Wilton than sober/clean middle schoolers. Roads suck here - so do the cops who insist on pulling over EVERYONE for speeding and what not...there is nothing else for them to do here. It's in the woods. Too many bugs. Wranglers (the cars of choice...for some nauseatingly odd reason) and 745is risk colliding with rampant deer on winding, narrow pathways referred to as roads. Wiltonians worship Kristine Lilly and have named everything from streets to fields after her. Everyone either plays LAX, field hockey or soccer. Play another sport and suffer the consequences: ridicule and poor funding. The only good thing about Wilton is that its an hour train ride away from NYC. Get out while you can...or stop by Trackside for a good time ;)
"Hey Sarah - After class lets go to the Wilton LAX game."
"For sure, and then we can go hang out in the center and maybe get a Frappachino at Starbucks!"
by *wilton's phinest* August 15, 2005

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