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When a girl is so sexy and good looking that if she had a penis you would suck it.
"Oh my god, jessica is sooo penis hot, i totally wouldn't care if she had a huge dick, i would love to suck on it!"
#sexy #good looking #hot #gorgeous #penis
by *va-jay-jay* April 24, 2008
One who cups nuts firmly in the palm of their hand. Used as an insult to either guy or girl. Mainly to refer to the whore-ishness of said guy or girl.
Julie: I totally hooked up with this hot guy last night!

Nancy: Dude! You are SUCH a nutcupper!
#nutcupper #nut #cupper #balls #ball holder #ashley duran #whore
by *Va-Jay-Jay* January 24, 2009
Anything a man might have to attract a woman to his attention. Wether it be something located on his body or in his pocket.
"Ya i got some pocket pudding i know that shorty over theres gonna like."

"Damn, that boys pocket pudding is lookin real nice."
#money #diamonds #good-looks #well endowed #nice car
by *va-jay-jay* September 16, 2008
someone who is krispy fresh and hot, possibly considered edible because they contain qualities that make them most appealing.
"damn look at that tortilla over there, shorty is lookin hella good today in her new kicks."
#krispy #fresh #hot #edible #shorty #dime
by *va-jay-jay* April 24, 2008
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