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Indervidual acting stupidly, saying something stupid in a manner that makes others that are watching shake their heads and dislike that indervidual. Alternatively can refer to a pansy or picked on indervidual who is easily brort to tears.
Jimmy: "man that kid is clueless, look at him making a pass at that 11 year old"
Matt: "have fun in jail ya loser"
Reece: "talk about chuckin a bartschi..."
by *tweeked* June 21, 2006
Indervidual that makes fool of self by saying or doing something stupid or telling an unbeleivable story. Often the idiot of a group who always ends up with shit on their face.
DANIEL: "...And then it EXPOLIDED into a mushroom cloud and i dived clear and saw up this really hot milfs skirt!"

REECE: "No it didnt and no u didnt"

MATT: "yer man your such a spooge face"
by *tweeked* June 19, 2006
The ghetto of the sutherland shire

Will apear on google earth as a block spot

has a service station

has a bottle-o
"roll ur windows up, we're passing through loftus"
by *tweeked* September 01, 2006

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