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a painful experience, very common amoung middle schoolers (and high schooler's and even adults to a lesser degree) that involves being obsessed with a member of the opposite sex (or the same sex, if u prefer), being attracted to them physically (most common), or emotionally- also called 'puppy love'
also: the object of this affection
Verb: crushing
He has a huge crush on her.
Her crush is hot, but unworthy of her affections.
I'm totally crushing on him.
by *tweak* September 08, 2003
the female half of the human race. different from man in a few ways
1. More creative due to more right-brained-ness
2. Slighter smaller muscle mass
3. The ability to give birth
4. Usually more emotional due to biology
5. Usually less sex-crazed, again due to biology
6. and the obvious
Women are equal to men, and whoever say otherwise needs to be put in jail.
by *tweak* October 09, 2003
the best people in the world
people who take part in drama club or something similar
i love drama dorks
by *tweak* September 18, 2003
something everyone in the world needs to do a lot more of
I accept people, no matter what nationality/relgion/gender/race/sexual orientation they are
by *tweak* September 17, 2003
The prime minister of britain who is unfortunately turning into Bush's right-hand man
Tony Blair needs to get Britain out of Bush's control
by *tweak* September 19, 2003
according to Boiling Springs High School, a "sex object"
"That shirt showsyour shoulder"
by *tweak* September 08, 2003
a TV genre in which you watch over-sexed people complain about each other
Reality TV is not very realistic
by *tweak* September 23, 2003
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