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One of the most famous pieces written by Gustav Holst (the 4th movement of a seven-movement orchestral suite by Holst)
Jupiter is totally ballin'.
by *subject name here* January 29, 2008
32 21
The act of putting a package with a box (i.e. sex)
You can't post office inside of a post office. That's just nasty.
by *subject name here* January 29, 2008
19 40
This is when you shit into a commode, but fart a lot at the same time (as opposed to a shart, which is farting then shitting accidentally).
Wow, Lisa looked really red coming out of the bathroom. She must've had a fit.
by *subject name here* January 29, 2008
2 29
A pronoun used in reference to oneself (synonym- me)
You wanna know who broke your window?
by *subject name here* January 11, 2008
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