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1 definition by *sebastian**

An emo child is not a newb. Nor are they faggots or bitches. They already have lifes, the people who write shit about them dont. They listen to music that is like angels singing in their ears, like Green Day or My Chemical Romance. Their black clothing and band shirts are worn maybe because they are NICE CLOTHING or LOOK GOOD. Ever thought of that?? its preference of clothing. Same as a teacher wearing a suit to school, or a man wearing a tie to work. Emos like to wear black. They are deeper and smarter than the people who criticize them, and would suprise the world if it would only listen and stop looking at their eyeliner and clothing.
That emo child lives their own life, their own way while others, hating theirs, choose to make fun of them and call them names.
by *sebastian** January 22, 2007
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