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A motherfucking CS noob from Greece.
Stefan, stop being such a Thompen @ RA/mega. I still love you, *kramiz*
by *osams* August 03, 2004
The noobiest noob that ever did noob.
whyz loses another friend
whyz visits the lava god
whyz becomes bored with life
by *osams* November 23, 2004
1. The first&worst day of the week.
2. The day following Sunder, and preceeding Chewsder.
3. The polar opposite of frider
4. Monder sux.
FFS it's monder, frider seems years away :(
by *osams* August 11, 2004
A Kauka is a person who has a penis that is not long, but that is thin. Such people will also make frequent bad jokes regarding doctors.
Girl 1: Did you screw that guy?
Girl 2: Yeah, but it was bad. He was a total Kauka.


Kauka: Wow, it takes ages to get served here huh?
Girl: You gotta have patience dude.
Kauka: Doctors have patients, I don't.
#pencil dick #stumpycock #opposite-of-whyz #litekuk #small cock
by *osams* October 28, 2005
1. The best day of the week.
2. The day following Thursder but preceeding Satder.
3. The polar opposite of Monder.
It's Frider motherfuckers :DDD
by *osams* August 11, 2004
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