1 definition by *lily*

emobands are quite difficult to define as lots of different genres are considered 'emo'and different 'emos' listen to different things and not one single band on this planet agrees when they are labelled emo by abunch of stupid journalists who would not know what emo was if it shoved a burning frok up thier asses
personally bands like
thursday (indie/alternative)
escape the fate
from first to last
are kind of emo but every 'emo'is different
and yes an individual as much as you would all like to disagree

"OMFG dashboard confessional is one of the hottest emo bands around"says silly 'emo'(if one likes dashborad dont admit it ,you may get bashed by 'emos'who spend all thier time calling everyone else posers
by *lily* November 23, 2006

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