3 definitions by *holly*

friends are peeps you can trust and take advice from.
its ok im here for you dont cry
by *holly* March 23, 2005
goths are not allways alone in the dark
a lot of em have loadssss of mates and allways having a gd time
but the worst thing is when they go onto the street peeps think there s.h.i.t but there exactly the same they just dnt beleive in wot we beleive and they dress in there type of clothes
~gothic person walks out onto the street~
`oi u idiot` <<<<chav shouts that
~gothic person gets a bit scared cause therez one of them and 10 chavs~
~chavs shout lots of abuse to the goth~
by *holly* March 23, 2005
plastics are not at all as bad as peeps make em out to be,ok yes some of them are really self centered and bitchy but some others are kind and actually think about other people.Or just because some girls like wearing skirts and high heels,low neck tops doesnt mean that they are bitchy or unkind they just enjoy wearing em !!!
~hey nice skirt~
~thank you,i like urs~ (nice plastics)

~omg thats like so old~
~no its not~
dont argue with me u dimwit else ill kick ya in~ (nasty plastic)
by *holly* March 23, 2005

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