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that actress who played the goth chick in the breakfast club.
ally sheedy only had like, 26 lines in this movie and at the end she gets a prep makeover
#the breakfast club #anthony micheal hall #molly ringwald #the 80's #detention
by *haley* June 01, 2006
A REALLY GOOD PAINTING BY GRANT WOOD IN 1930 (the painting of a farm couple posed before a white house) American Gothic is one of the most famous paintings in the history of American art. It is a primary example of Regionalism, a movement that aggressively opposed European abstract art, preferring depictions of rural American subjects rendered in a representational style. The painting has become part of American popular culture, and the couple has been the subject of endless parodies.
guy 1: dude, american gothic is a totaly dope peice of gothic revival style art in which the plain stereotype of midwest america is showcased in a single frame.

guy 2: rad!
#art #gothic #grant wood #1930 #iowa
by *haley* June 01, 2006
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