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A great singer and actress! Hilary Duff is funny, cool and soooooo good to watch. She might be a little bit fat but I think she's still pretty good the way she looks. I'm not a real fan of Hilary but I quite like the songs "Wake Up", "So Yesterday" and "Why Not" I think she's really good and I don't care if you think she's awful but I know that she rawx!
Hilary Duff RoX! You know why? Because she's a really good singer/actress!
by *dUUnnO* November 03, 2006
Seriously, I don't really like Paris and I know lots of people say she's talentless. OK.......... but what about 'Stars are Blind'? That song's not too bad! And she might not be the best singer but hey, who's perfect? Another thing, for all you guys out there that write definitions for Paris, have you people even listened to a single song by Paris?? If not, then why are you criticizing her? I think anyone can become a singer no matter how good or bad he/she is!!!
Person 1 "I HATE that Paris Hilton!!!"
Person 2 "Have you even listened to her songs before?"
Person 1 "Uhhh........NO!"
Person 2 "Well I suggest you do because you cant criticiz someone without knowing what they're like!!"
*Person 1 listens to 'stars are blind'*
Person 1 "Hey! its not so bad! Sorry Paris!"
by *dUUnnO* November 03, 2006

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