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Barbora is NOT a Barbie. She's a girl from either Slovak or Czech Republic. A very delightful person, whom people are lucky to have in their lives. She's very independent, smart, with good sense of humor. If you have a Barbora for a friend, you can be sure she will always be there for you but in return expects the same. She can be very supportive and compromise-ready. However, her sweetness goes away once you act inappropriate or unfair to her or her beloved ones. Barbora is a quite responsible person though there is a child's soul within her, that craves for crazy, spontaneous action. Once in love, Barbora can be the perfect girlfriend - caring, understanding and fun to be around. All in all, if you have a Barbora, don't let her go!
Barbora: "All for one and one for all."
by *brownie* February 03, 2010
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