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drugs are fucking awesome. The people who say they're not have never done them and they dont know what they're fucking missing. drugs like mushrooms and even weed open one's mind up so much to the world and just makes them better people. besides they're FUN!!!!!!!!
people that get hurt by them , its their fault not the drugs, if ur smart you will be just fine.
by *alice* August 05, 2006
cocaine is really fucking addicting...and i love it. it makes you feel soo happy, comfortable around everybody, and not shy. also it gives u energy that is usefull if u stayed up the whole night and have to be at work at nine <3
person 1: duuude i didn't get any sleep last night how the fuck am i supposed to do an eight hour shift??? IM FUCKED!

(very smart)person 2: i know the solution! a line or two of the ol' cocAine

five minutes later...

person 1: ALRIIIIGHT! lets go to WOOORK!
by *alice* August 07, 2006

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