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MCR = Punk AND Emo
Old Greenday = Punk

Avril Lavigne = NOT PUNK!

I AM a punk. Yeah, I'm sitting here telling you this because I feel like it. This is our music. You outsiders who're trying to tell us what we are can go **** yourselves.

Listening to our music doesn't MAKE you a punk. It just supports it. It's mostly about the music. It's not All about the music. It's not all about the appearance.
Punk isn't just a look. Its a state of mind.

Fake Punk: I listen to punk music, so I'm like a punk now!
Real Punk: NO.
Fake Punk: Prove it!
Real Punk: Can you touch your elbow to your nose?
Fake Punk: Yeah! *does it* so I'm a punk now?
Real Punk: No, you're double-jointed.
by *_*_*_*_*_* November 27, 2007

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