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Someone who lacks common sense, acts like an idiot and makes a fool of themselves without realising.
I cant believe she cheated on him and didn't tell him for month, she thought everything would be okay, shes sooo dense.
by *Taylor_Kimi* January 12, 2006
Acting like a giant pussy. Not having a backbone to stand up for anything. Taking the option of bailing everytime it is available. Being totally pussywhipped.

Giant Lesbian Vagina abv. GLV
Man Sam is such a Giant Lesbian Vagina! He won't even stand up to his girlfriend! Pfft weak dude, weak.

I cant believe how much of a GLV i was dude, i wouldnt even like hook up with her!

How can it take loz a month to tell mickyt, shes such a GLV!
by *Taylor_Kimi* January 12, 2006

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