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just starting to go out with someone...moved up from bench warmer to batter up...then 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc etc...
hey guess wut? sarah's batter up!!
by *SoFaKiNg* April 19, 2004
brand name from underground women
hey guys i have a g-sus shirt!
by *SoFaKiNg* April 19, 2004
hasnt gone to 1st 2nd or third base in their life...hasnt gone out with anyone
woah that chiks a bench warmer!
by *SoFaKiNg* April 19, 2004
inbetween the 3rd and homerun...dry sex in other words; humping eachother without clothes on...NOT sex
1st..2nd..3rd..short stop...homerun
by *SoFaKiNg* April 19, 2004
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