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The opposite of holy water. Can be used to curse all and any things, such as, but not limited to, your friends, animals, cars, houses, plants, bugs, and most especially, police. To obtain satan piss, one must be in a euphoric state that is beyond all comprehension of outsiders (unless you have achieved euphoric state with friends). Any liquid that you have with you (water, pop, beer, etc...) will have become Satan Piss. Feel free to curse all and anything around you.
After walking about 5 miles, with non-stop hilarity, pranks, and a stop at Taco Bell, these two reached a euphoric state beyond anything that any other person could comprehend.
"Satan piss on all of you!!!" said one to an anthill.
"Satan piss on you biyotch!" said the other to the one.
by *Reuben Bamer* May 21, 2008

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