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a weed smokers savior to cover up the natural red eye one gets when high.
Stoner 1: Hey man I'm out.
Stoner 2: Wait man, put some Visine in first so you don't get caught by your parents.
Stoner 1: Nice save dude, thanks.
by *Puerta* September 28, 2006
An African term for Marijuana.
Matt: Hey dude wana go smoke some chamba?
Kyle: Yeah bro, let's wait until 4:20.
Matt: word up.
by *Puerta* September 15, 2006
First of all it's spelled 'armagideon' and it is not just a bob marley word but a word used through rasta culture.
armagiddyon (armagideon) is coming.
by *Puerta* May 01, 2007
To fucx with something is saying you do that thing. Pronounced 'fucks'.
person 1: you fucx with Gang Starr?

person 2: hell yeah.

person 1: you fucx with cocaine?

person 2: nah i dont fuck with that shit.
by *Puerta* May 01, 2007
chamba juice is the same thing as chamba, except it sounds cool with the word juice after it.
Stoner 1: Yo wana get down with that ill chamba juice?

Stoner 2: you know it. I fucx with that shit all day, everyday.
by *Puerta* May 01, 2007
I noticed that on this site the definitions for "white boy" and "nigga" all have people mad about not being able to say them or vice versa. White people are mad that they are called white boys and they can't call there black counterparts niggers. You shouldn't be mad about not being able to say something. We all have to learn to accept each other and not generalize someone by their race. White kids shouldn't be generalized as wack redneck racists and black people should not be generalized as gangsters who will steal your shit. Racism has to end for good and we can't go on thinking there is no more racism in this country because that statement is way wrong.
Black person: all white people are rednecks full of racism.

White person: Let's move away from that group of black people because I think they're gonna jump us.
by *Puerta* September 28, 2006
our nation's armpit.
Person: Let's go to New Jersey.

other person: why would we ever do that?
by *Puerta* September 28, 2006
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