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Is when you have to preform some required task, but you have not prepared or practiced for the required action.
Example getting up to do a university presentation without having any notes or visual aids.

Wow man you did a great preso.
Thanks i Wingit every time.
by *Mad-Maco* August 10, 2009
Pichkaface comes from the Macedonian word Pichka meaning Slut or Whore while adding the association of the english word face meaning her ugly face. Pichkaface refers to most X's who are sluts and will fuck and suck for any reason, mainly money.
hey man, i called Pichkaface last night she is so easy, does anything a guy tells her to, and she is cheap. i bought her a cheeseburger and she was happy.
by *Mad-Maco* August 10, 2009
Angry Root is when you have sexual relation with someone, but you hold some form of angry towards your sex partner. During your intercourse you behave extremely angry and thrust your partner with anger.
Hey bro i was with this slut last night,
and i have her an angry root.
by *Mad-Maco* August 10, 2009
Charity Root is having sexual relations with the opposite sex but the act is only done to make the other person happy, with all intention of only pleasing them. You give a Charity Root someone less fortunate and disadvantaged in the dating environment.
Hey man have a look at that chick,
Yeh bro id give her a "Charity Root".
by *Mad-Maco* August 10, 2009
NOD Theory was created by an individual during a lecture at University of Canberra. This individual was bored with the content of the lecture and decided to spend the rest of his time picking up chicks, this is how the Nod Theory was created.

The Nod Theory is when you make an eye connection with an attractive young female, look at them for several minutes indicating you attraction, while having a smooth and sexual smile on your face. You later make a second connection with the female and give her the "Nod" indicating, How you doing? Im into you, lets chat!
Bro you know that hot chick in Organisation Performance, i gave her the "Nod" from the NOD Theory Doji created and she was all over me after class.
by *Mad-Maco* August 10, 2009

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