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short for swesh black kid. A good friend who is sweet, fresh, and black.
yesterday i was chillin at SBK's house.
by *M3* March 02, 2009
a combination of sweet and fresh
My bro Jo is so swesh!

That phone is pretty swesh!
by *M3* March 02, 2009
jackin off/yankin the crank/grippin the ship/cakin the bacon/
that homo was lubin the tube to a playgirl!
by *M3* March 02, 2009
A good friend. A variation of nigga. A buddy or shnaggs for buddies.
Hit me up later shnagg.

Im gonna go chill with my shnaggs.
by *M3* March 02, 2009
A person or thing that is any or all of the following: retarding, stupid, annoying, emo, gothic, a bitch, a fucker, dumb, sucks, or pretty much anything that is bad and used to describe someone that you hate.
I can't stand those fuckin cleans, they piss me off.

I wish all the cleans would just kill themselves.

If i were a clean i would jump off a bridge.

"I lost my wallet and it had a ton of money in it" (response) "thats clean"
by *M3* March 02, 2009
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