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People who think they are so cool cuz they are athletic or wear brands like Abercrombie & Fitch. They only hang out with each other and really, everyone else is popular but them cuz the seclude themselves from our big group of friends ( nerds, theater geeks, quiet kids, mental issues) but really they are the ones with no other friends and EVERYBODY hates them. At least im my school... they even refer to themselves as popular! * im in sixth grade*
Popular Kid: omg! Im dating James! He is like, so cute!
Theater geek: *glares* I HATE YOU!!!!
me: ur not popular. nobody likes you. James is amazingly cute but you shouldnt date him. WE SHOULD ALL HAVE THAT EQUAL CHANCE!
my bff: oooh james is cute! Hey james wanna go out!
James(popular kid): get the F**** away im dating Nikki.

~true story~ nobody likes Popular Kids except themselves!
by *JustSing* March 12, 2013

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