3 definitions by *JUSSANOTHeRFLiP*

tagalog for tago ng tago (hiding and hiding) which is used to describe a person/people who live in the US who are trying to hide from the immigration...
Yung parents ko ay na capture kasi TNT sila
by *JUSSANOTHeRFLiP* August 15, 2003
Something you give to someone when they look nice, smell nice, have nice things etc. Pogi as in the tagalog (filipino) word for handsome.
MMMM girl, he deserves 100 pogi points for lookin so damn fine, but lemme take some points off for driving that nasty ass car.
by *JUSSANOTHeRFLiP* July 26, 2003
abbr. for little brown fucking machine, mostly used to diescribe people in the philippines mainly women
by *JUSSANOTHeRFLiP* October 05, 2003

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