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Ex-guitarist of the rock band Hole. Made Courtney Love look like she can actually play guitar and took her shit until the group disbanded in 2002. Is still good friends with bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur.
Eric Erlandson - Courtney Love's former bitch.
by *Bee* August 23, 2006
Venice, California. Think of it as trying to take Coney Island's deal. The boardwalk, beach, gangs, rusting ferris wheels... And a lot of people sitting around all day, not thinking once about the real world. That's Venice.
The movie Lords of Dogtown refer to it as "The Ghetto By The Sea"
by *Bee* June 22, 2006
An expression used mainly by Ojibwe natives. It can be said to express shocked, embarrassed, or in a sarcastic manner. It is pronounced "shah high".
"He jumped off the bridge and broke his leg."
"Sha hi!"

Two dogs screwing in the back yard.
"Sha hi!"

"I love you"
"Sha hi!!!!"
by *Bee* October 05, 2006
A real original. She was making music before Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, Patti Smith, Chrissie Hynde... hell, before everyone! She was originally born in Poland, escaping the holocaust and moving to New York's lower east side. She led Goldie and The Gingerbreads, and was in Ten Wheel Drive until 1971, when she started making her own solo albums. She's still never recieved her due.
Even if you've never heard her music, you should know who Genya Ravan is.

Joplin has nothing on Genya.
by *Bee* September 22, 2006
One of the best female drummers ever. Born April 24, 1967 in Los Angeles, CA. Best known for being a member of Hole from 1993-1998 when she was replaced by Samantha Maloney (who, by the way, could not play drums like Patty!) She also played the drums on Courtney Love's album "America's Sweetheart".
Patty Schemel is an awesome drummer and she also has ovaries. But that doesn't mean you can too, little grrl.
by *Bee* August 13, 2006
To "go indian" is for a Native American to act how "indians" would when they'd hunt or fight. SOMETIMES involves a couple drinks, and things that are sharp, hard, or they smash.
Fine displays of this behavior is shown in Dances with Wolves, Last of The Mohicans, movies with wild fight scenes, and some real live people. The people often scream too (Not in pain).
1. I'll go indian on you.
2. The place is totally wrecked. They went indian.
3. Steve from The Outsiders is a good example of "going indian". The screaming, fighting, and the look on his face. And he's not even brown!
by *Bee* September 15, 2006
An "Acronym" for "Brooklyn". Widely used by people who feel need to prove they're from there. Or just lazy people, and some stupid people. It is sometimes used on MSN Messenger and various cell phones (Virgin Mobile, Fido ect.), txting back and forth. Maybe even spraypainted on buildings, and scribbled in bathroom stalls.

Some of us find "Bklyn" an absolutely horrendous and disgusting abbreviation for "Brooklyn". Annoys me more than "the big apple" does.
Dat bytch iz outtah Bklyn. Tha hood! Bklyn represent!
by *Bee* September 12, 2006
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