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A place of vast beauty. Where you can drink tap water and breath the air (thanks atmosphere) People native to colorado know that there is never bordom if you are with the right people(there are a lot of cool people),and know the right places. Many people who move here love this place as if they are natives because they realize the benefits and how welcoming we are in this state. The only people who make me mad are people who move from texas and put down Colorado acting like nothing is good enough. I get that people are proud of where they originate from thats why I am writing this. All I am saying is if you like where your from and have no respect for where you are, go back there. You will be better off, and No one will miss you here.
"wow colorado is the dopest!!!"
by *Anika * April 18, 2007
A curly mohawk found on a halfrican.
Holy Shit! that bitch looks like she got in a fight with a lawn mower with that hafrahawk.
by *Anika * April 18, 2007
A person with intelligence and beauty on the inside and out usually half black and half white. A person beyond the bullshit thrown in there direction on a consistent basis. A person above definition.
That girl Anika is a mullato queen, What is she though Puerto-Rican?
by *Anika * April 17, 2007

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