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An extremely large hard drive for music or extremely small hard drive for movies with an extremely small battery life and some p.o.s. software. The ipod is overly priced and will break witin the first year of you owning it. The ipod touch and iPhone are especialy prone to breaking with a fragile screen that WILL CRACK no matter how carefull you are with it. The software will not like a Microsoft Windows PC and will end up dying as a result of a software malfunction, or damaged hardware... Baisicly it will die no matter what.
Jack: hey i just got an iPod to go with my new macbook

Ethan: You know they will both die within the year, rite

Jack: WTF is it doing

Ethan: Oh look at that... it just died. I tryed to tell you apple products were inferiour.
by *8* November 20, 2009

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