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3 definitions by *18* Jean-Philippe *18*

The intentional subliminal, subconscious, and operant conditioning of individuals through the usage of the education system and entertainment mechanisms to manipulate the collective behavioral patterns of society.
An entire generation exposed to simulated violence for years routinely exercises violence with no remorse as if they live in a brainwashed cultural mind-controlled state.
by *18* Jean-Philippe *18* July 22, 2012
25 2
A person or persons who deliberately partake in cultural assimilation via musical selection, cultural fads, fashion, or activities to garner a sense of high self-esteem and avoid rejection by one's peers even if it means sacrificing morality, taste, or common sense.
Society is comprised of a large number of pop culture groupies who listen to music and watch movies that are mediocre because it is poplar amongst their peers. Men are even starting to blur gender boundaries by wearing pink because they see celebrities do it on television.
by *18* Jean-Philippe *18* June 01, 2012
19 0
the erroneous placement of oneself at the egocentric epicenter of a relationship regardless of depth or titles with an extreme emphasis placed upon third party perceptions, which dictates emotional treatment of others.
A woman or man whom has been so traumatized by pass experiences that they exhibit an almost innate ability to push away the concern and love of other individuals out of fear of experiencing a residual let down.

The woman's "emotional selfishness" would not allow her to have a romantic relationship with the man of her dreams, because the scars from past relationship crippled her romantic courage.
by *18* Jean-Philippe *18* March 03, 2011
22 3