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A bar where no one attractive goes, and all the "ugly's" frequent. If a beautiful person were to go to said bar, they would leave immediatly recognizing that they do not belong. Where as if an unfortunate bar goer hits up a "normal club" (A.K.A. where good looking people go) they to will leave immediatly, not for the same reasons as the hottie mind you, but because they (the ugly), has recognized that they are too nasty to belong.
"I am not goin to get my groove on at THAT place, thats one of those unfortunate bars"
Girl A: "EEWWW I ran outta that place so fast, I'm way to hot for that shit"
Gir B: "Thats what you get for going to an unfortunate bar"
by **Baby Girl** February 22, 2008

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