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4 definitions by ***Dr Dave

An Educated Idiot is a person that went to college, but is dumber than a rock. The Educated Idiot feels like he/she is smart, but they screw up everything they get involved in. They have a hard time getting dressed, driving a car, or eating. Only the parents are proud of their Educated Idiot children mainly because they themselvs are also Educated Idiots.
That guy at work has a degree but he's not able to do anything. He must be an educated idiot.
by ***Dr Dave September 22, 2009
101 9
A Poor Mouth never seems to have any money, yet they have a better house, a better car, eat better food, go on nicer vacations and generally have more fun than you do.
Nan: I just don't have any money.

Dave: Stop crying poor mouth, you lie!
by ***Dr Dave September 22, 2009
51 12
A House Potato is an unemployed person that lives off other people's money, gives advice that nobody wants, and is in good general shape. Also brags about all the stuff she bought.
Stot telling me what to do you House Potato, I'v got a job!
by ***Dr Dave September 21, 2009
35 12
An Unflushable is a person that does not flush the toilet or urinal. And the next unlucky person in line has to flush that person's pee. yuck!
I can't stand to come behind one of those unflushables because I have to look at their pee!
by ***Dr Dave September 18, 2009
33 25