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somebody who is really hot
**** is really hot and so is his brother ***
by *** March 16, 2005
The true essence of beauty and goodness
Live Tyler- Arwen evenstar
by *** November 15, 2003
a girl whos beautiful but she doesnt no it..and secretly smart..elise j
shes so hot xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX I'D GO HER
by *** March 11, 2005
a random word, can fit into any charva's sentance
'aw hew pass us that drink hew....thanks hew'
by *** February 26, 2004
Usage came from the word pig. What do pigs do? They oink. So... a pig is a an oinker, and anyone with a badge, is an oinker.
Shit, those fuckin oinkers raided my house and took all my e.
by *** March 03, 2005
a member of the male species
my brother is a half witted gorilla
by *** November 17, 2003
noise commenly made by the male species which may or may not be made while answering a question or when they are suffering from chronic constipation
Jill- so how was your day?
jack- grunt shudup i'm constipated
by *** November 15, 2003

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