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a leet ass bird renowned for stalking japanese tourists in the australian highlands.
Also well known for bitch smacking those emu-wannabe ostriches and amercan tourists that think all australians wrestle crocodiles and have a pet kangaroo.
american tourist1:'hahaha, lok at these primitive australian folk with their pet kangaroos and boomerangs. hahaha.'
emu:'fuckin bigidy bam!'
at1:' holy shit that damn walking bird just bitch smacked my ass!'
by ** August 17, 2003
one who licks dick
hey dicklick, whats up?
by ** June 26, 2003
Short for extra sexy.
Also see sexy
His body was sextra.
by ** April 06, 2005
having such a fucking hairy ass, you could use a wax.
God Greg, you really could use a crackwax!
by ** June 26, 2003
Another word for describing a medium sized penis.
It wasn't that big. More like a... tadiddle
by ** April 06, 2005
This is the action people commonly take when they are wearing underwear over their pants and need to make sure that the jeans underneath aren't making it look like they have a penis. This also takes place just in case you thought you lost your vagina or penis. If your vagina or penis is detachable then you understand.
Do these pants make me look like I have a penis? Crotch Check!
by ** April 06, 2005
a red headed woman with puffy 80's hair
dude, look at firebush!
by ** June 26, 2003

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