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a shite tv channel that took beavis & butthead and jackass off.
the worst channel ever
by *!?!* February 21, 2004
for your information...blondes are not thick and dumb, they are just like everyone else.there are sum bloneds that are dumb and some are intelligent and the same goes for everyone else.its just a hair colour you stupid pricks get over it.
proud to be blonde
by *!?!* February 14, 2004
cybersex is for sad little nerds that can't get a real shag so they pretend that they have huge cocks and 6 pacs and shit like that.
the nerd logges on as "12 inch cock 4 u" and cybered with "hot sxc gal"
by *!?!* February 21, 2004
gay unit
50 cents fuck toys
by *!?!* February 20, 2004
people that like fucking each other up the arse and like to suck each others cocks.
liam and chris
by *!?!* February 21, 2004
a breed of the most pathetic, fat and ugly pile of shit people ever to have walked on the earth. they live in a shithole of a town called sunderland and they support the crappest football team in the world.
dont go to sunderland it's full of mackems
by *!?!* February 22, 2004
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