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A name that emos, who are aware that what they listen to isn't truly rock apply to their shitty music.
1. At rock star mayhem there were a bunch of emos listening to their smart punk.
by (it's a secret) September 05, 2009
To fill a tube-sock with poop and pee, then whip someone across the face with it.
Jon- "Let's fuck with Josh,"
Jon- "Let's give 'em a Bulgarian Bull Whip!"
by (it's a secret) September 05, 2009
1.A hairstyle whereas sides are shaved off leaving hair in the middle to be spiked.
2.A hairstyle which some pussy wanna-be gangsters cut an inch of their short hair and said they had a very shitty Mohawk, known to those with proper Mohawks as Fohawk.
1. Jon- "Damn, check out his ten inch Mohawk, that's some sick ass shit!"
2. Jon- "Check out that little wanna-be pussy with his fucking half inch Mohawk!"
Josh- "I know, what a little fucking Fohawk.
by (it's a secret) September 05, 2009
Not a very common name, usually used for guys. Muhozis are the nicest people you'll ever meet, but get sad easily(even though they'll always forgive you). They'll never be mean to you, and it is very hard to stay mad at them. Hilarious. Charming. Genius. Muhozi.
by (It's a secret) November 10, 2014

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