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3 definitions by (it's a secret)

To fill a tube-sock with poop and pee, then whip someone across the face with it.
Jon- "Let's fuck with Josh,"
Jon- "Let's give 'em a Bulgarian Bull Whip!"
by (it's a secret) September 05, 2009
A name that emos, who are aware that what they listen to isn't truly rock apply to their shitty music.
1. At rock star mayhem there were a bunch of emos listening to their smart punk.
by (it's a secret) September 05, 2009
1.A hairstyle whereas sides are shaved off leaving hair in the middle to be spiked.
2.A hairstyle which some pussy wanna-be gangsters cut an inch of their short hair and said they had a very shitty Mohawk, known to those with proper Mohawks as Fohawk.
1. Jon- "Damn, check out his ten inch Mohawk, that's some sick ass shit!"
2. Jon- "Check out that little wanna-be pussy with his fucking half inch Mohawk!"
Josh- "I know, what a little fucking Fohawk.
by (it's a secret) September 05, 2009