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A pretty good band that has gained new fans due to their new album, The Black Parade.I find this next thing hilarious: old My Chemical Romamce fans don't want MCR to have new fans. GET OVER IT, PEOPLE! Not all of 'em are posers. i for one had never heard My Chemical Romance BEFORE The Black Parade, and i like that album, Three CHeers, AND Bullets. And i personally don't think they're really all that pretty. Hell, they're not ugly. but still. I listen to them because they have TALENT. something a lot of the actual posers don't realize. My Chem may not be emo, some songs are, you must admit. But if actually listen to what Gerard Way said (this is one of his qoutes, people) he said that they're gonna end up writing a number one pop hit...it'll be about a masacre. People, i like this music. Others like this music. And for all you bashers/haters, i understand that its freedom of speech and all, but really. if you hate them so much, why waste your breath on them?
dude 1: Heya whats up?
dude 2: Nothing really. I'm Listening to My Chemical Romances new album, The Black Parade.

dude : *rolls eyes* no...i like the music thanks...-_-
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