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not only a person who smokes weed, but a weed smoker who has a chill view on life in general. a person who doesn't get themselves involved in the dramas that come along with life, take it as it goes, knows who they want to spend time with and don't mess around with other people's heads. they're straight-forward, without hidden motives. true stoners tend to me introverts, they know their values in life, and are artistic. stoners don't use weed as a typical drug, only to get fucked up; they use it as a gateway to another state of mind, an elevated consciousness. stoners usually prefer to be around other stoners, because only a true stoner will understand another true stoner. a stoner will smoke up another stoner any time, but is less willing to smoke up a non-stoner. stoners are not to be confused with potheads, hippies, just some kid who smokes sometimes, and people associated with other drugs. stoners stick to weed, possibly trying shrooms, salvia, and no doubt enjoying getting drunk here or there. stoners typically smoke between 4 times a week to multiple times a day. stoners know weed, but aren't showy about it. basically, a stoner is the chillest person you will ever meet.
guy 1: dude, he's so always so stoned but so chill... what a pothead
guy 2: he's not a pothead he's a stoner
guy 1: what's the difference?
guy 2: pothead is just a label, stoner is a way of life.
by (ghostwriter) October 11, 2008

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