1 definition by (The/Ms.) Crazy Cat Lady

1. The Good. (n. and Concept and abstract object that is eternal and everlasting, eh Yandell?): see definition #1.5.

1.5. The Golden Rule: "Treat Others the way you would like, or wish, to be treated." (n. and v. and perfect analogy to Happiness, eh Schweber?).

2. Doing the Good or Being good. (n. and v. and Key to Heaven's Gates, eh Kane? or Chompsky?) see definition #1.5.

3. Street Justice (...eh Oscar Grant? or Nagel?). (n. and v. and perfect analogy to why the Park needs Mathus and Kelly ;).

4. Objective morality, e.g., Gods' Law. (n. and v. and perfect analogy to definition #1.5, eh Jesus?).

5. The Philosophers' "problem(s)". (Kind of like 'causality', eh Schmid?).

6. To "Love another," e.g., thinking that you have found the keys to the kingdom of Heaven: 'Soulmate(s)', eh St. Anthony?
1. Justice IS Love and Benevolence, eh Professor Riley? "Your behavior is a so called problem, asshole?

1.5. "So called T.V. morality": watching Full House and Walt Disney movies; Partaking--in reality--of definition #1.

2. Being kind, patient, and loving; and vice versa: R-E-S-P-E-C-T (to persons and People and Mother Earth, eh Ganja and Taurus and Bob?). And the best of these three is Love/Hope/Faith--i.e., all of the above idiots: RASTA!

3. "Keeping eyes, i.e., "Six/7-Up!!! (dedicated to Magic (a.k.a. Joshua Stickney)); Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer? -so called "GDF" eh?-

4. Jesus Christ Superstar ("so called Stupid-Star, eh Peter?!").

5. "Fuck you subjective morality, the only true Concept is Logic, not Science or the Teleological experiment." -The Other- (see definition #1).

6. Finding your Buddy and Lover-boy/girl/it. (dedicated to Buddy, Buddy-Buddy and LBGT).
by (The/Ms.) Crazy Cat Lady April 10, 2010

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