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2 definitions by (",) Coops

A female that is a very attractive and good company. Likes to crack jokes and stuff around. Usually found with a top bloke.
Some chicks look 'Sluts' hot and easy. Some look like 'Dogs' would piss on. Some look hot but are fuckin bitching 'Moles' so you only use them. And some are 'Punkos' the type that are just right.
by (",) Coops June 27, 2006
A person of low socio-economic status status who likes to study the art of sniffing petrol, drinking their life away and not working. They are on a quest to ask every person in the world if they can spare a cigarette for them.
Hey c00nism! Stop beating that bitch with your boomarang brudder and give me a smoke! I need to get back to drinking my slab ay!
by (",) Coops June 27, 2006