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Occurs when the Bottom of the outter layer (or colored part) of a cigarette lighter begins to deteriorate, or look like it has been "chewed". This occurs when people use it to open beer bottles as a subsitute for a bottle opener.
Person A "Can I borrow your lighter"
Person B "Sure, here ya go"
Person A "Wow looks like you've used this thing to open alot of beer bottles"
Person B "I know, its got Bottlecapitis

Person A "Dude it looks like someone's been chewing on the bottom of you lighter"
Person B "Nobody's been chewing on it, it just has BottleCapitis"

"All of my lighters have Bottlecapitis becuase I'm too lazy to buy a bottle opener".
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by (!232FHGyu7875 June 15, 2009
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