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sure.. foxcroft girls are pretty, they are smart.. they 'may' be charming and have their life set out for them.. and ya... they must be better sluts than madeira girls... and give better blowjobs...but if the foxcroft girls are all they say above about themselves... why are they bringing thmeselves down to this level by dissing us mad girls..i mean if they were smart in teh first place, i'm sure they wouldve been smart enough to avoid urban dictionary..cus its fo cool kids... not smart, pretty perfect ppl.. liek foxcroft girls...
haha after all i am a 'mad' gal so.. the bottom line is , i dont understand why foxcrpft is so jealous of us when they say that they are soo much better than us... if they are, then they dotn even have to say it because everyoen will know.
foxcroft girl1: omg! its that madeira girl!.. do i look better than her?

foxcroft gal 2: yea sure. we always look better than them. why ae u even asking?

fc.g.1: thats because i am jealosu of madeira girls!!(shouts)...shit! now everyone knows the truth

fc.g2: oh well!.. it wasnot like it was obvious.. i mean..look at all the comments we wrote in urban dictionary.com
by 'mad'eira_asg_666 January 26, 2005

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