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A response to close any discussion against a male when you have no argument left (regardless of whether or not the guy-kissing incident actually happened). A bulletproof final statement that leaves its victim either speechless or spastically trying to deny such a thing ever occurred.

Originates from an ancient 'Friends' episode wherein Ross and Chandler battle over who has the worst secret. Will not work on chicks or gay guys.
Whatever dude... you kissed a guy.
by 'bridge November 20, 2010

Noun: a thinly-disguised effort by studios to prepare moviegoers for some type of negative event. Usually found in Apocalyptic movies, plot and narrative take a backseat to whatever agenda is being pushed or scare tactic is being used.
"'Contagion' was some of the worst prepaganda I've ever seen, even more so than 'The Day After Tomorrow!' I think I'll go buy some Purell and a gas-mask though...."
by 'bridge September 21, 2011

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