4 definitions by 'The Master'

to do a 'pybus' is to touch a young women, without their consent, and against their will, women are usually still in their teens and are by law, protected virgins.
Adam: My sister got pybus'd last night.
Dan: Why? I thought she was a teen virgin.
Adam: She WAS!
by 'The Master' April 02, 2008
starting to masturbate while parked at red lights and having to cum before they are green again
i danger wanked at the lights the other day, went straight into the back of a van, then i drove off
by 'The Master' April 02, 2008
'to feel like summer'
Jamie: Saw a bumblebee today
Adam: So?
Jamie: Means its gettin' summery
by 'The Master' April 01, 2008
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